What is the basic program for fitness training

Training is needed not more often than once every three days: Monday - A Thursday - The Sunday - A Wednesday - in Saturday - A. If you do not like chess order, and you want to have a classic case "Monday - Wednesday - Friday ", take care that the time by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic between workouts is not less than 48 hours. More frequent training will have a negative effect on muscle growth Bar Brothers The System. Try to minimize the sports birdgrants activity in the days of rest.

The main reasons for the exclusive use of the five basic exercises consist in the fact that such exercises are taught muscles of the body work in the complex. Besides this, it activates the central nervous system, which leads to the production of growth hormones. Replace squats on the bench in the simulator or supplement the program with five exercises for biceps is strictly prohibited. However, remember that even the smallest mistakes technology implementation can cause serious injury - it is important to first learn how to perform the exercises correctly, and only then to increase the curb weight. Start with four repetitions of workers and not too heavy weight, improve in a couple of sessions to six, and then raise the weight and then do four reps. The figures lock the training diary.

Base can be called any weight training program, means the maximum weight of a limited number of sets (3 to 10), a low number of repetitions of the exercise (3 to 8), as well as long periods of rest (3 to 5 minutes). In basic program worked out all the muscles of the body in a single exercise, so exercise should be used at the same time to engage the maximum number of muscle groups. Unlike training with lots of repetitions (Pumping), basic program affects the growth of the muscle fiber, not sarcoplasmic - thanks to the structure of the muscle becomes more dense and elastic.

Cruise Control Diet

Proper nutrition is very important during pregnancy. When you do not eat properly, so does the baby. On the other hand, these months your body needs extra energy, as all organs work under pressure, including the heart, you need to pump more blood, Cruise Control Diet but also the legs and back to support the growing belly your http://www.nolimitly.com/2015/02/cruise-control-diet.html. Studies have shown that pregnant women who do not eat enough or dieting during pregnancy are at risk of giving birth prematurely or have very weak babies. On the other hand, if you eat too -mainly the "wrong" foods, ie those that do not offer anything more than fat and thermides- may cause problems to their health, such as heart or high blood pressure, which may not occur immediately but beleaguer them later.

How much should I eat?

The general rule is not to use pregnancy as an excuse to eat "for two", but simply increase your intake by 200-300 calories a day. This means that the total calories you should take no more than 1,800 a day, and this mainly in the second and third quarter, after the first there is no reason to change your eating habits. Try to divide those calories in your meals so that you get 650-700 at breakfast, at lunch 600-650, 300 and 100-150 in the evening in the intermediate snacks. Your aim is to eat not only the right amount, but also the right quality food. A balanced diet contains all the essential nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals), not just sugar and fat - they say that you will win if you replace your meal with a chocolate souffle.